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New & Used Tires in Houston

Southwest Tire Shop in Houston has a vast selection of both new and used tires. We have sizes and styles to fit any vehicle, including compact cars, sedans, SUVs, station wagons, trucks, and commercial vehicles.

In addition to the standard matte finish metal wheels, we also have tires that come with bright red centers, shiny chrome, and other color options. We offer several well known brands, including Abarth, Goodyear, Wrangler, Continental, Crosscontact, General Altimax, Michelin, Destiny, and more.

We have tires for every price range, performance goal, and weather concern. This includes all-season, low profile, off-road, snow, truck, all-terrain, mud, performance, and SUV tires. All season tires work well in all types of weather from dry, hot concrete to snowy or rain streaked roads. They are the most standard tires sold with cars, combining reliability and affordability. All-terrain tires have added grip and an open tread to provide traction on the road, on gravel, on dirt, grass, and more. If you have a Jeep or ATV you ride off-road, our off-road tires can handle sand, gravel, mud, and rocks, with a puncture resistant surface.

Low profile tires have a short sidewall and wide tread, allowing you to stop more quickly. Southwest Tire Shop also has truck tires to choose from for light or heavy duty trucks that offer comfort and smooth handling. Mud tires are suited to cut through even thick, deep mud and prevent you from getting stuck. If you live a rural area or any area that gets a lot of snow each year, snow tires from our tire shop in Houston will prevent you from sliding, spinning out, or getting stuck.

No matter what tires you need, you can be confident that we have them. Our staff can match you with the perfect tires for your vehicle and your driving concerns, installing them for you the same day if needed.

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