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Service in Houston

Southwest Tires Tires in Houston doesn’t just provide tires and wheels. We have additional products and services you need as well. Be sure to ask about our 4 tires for $80 deal that we offer daily!

Tire Repairs

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We can fix your flat tire, using a patch, plug, or other method depending on how severe the flat is. We fix leaking and punctured tires, replacing them if needed. If the wheel has been damaged, we can straighten and repair them or replace them if necessary. We work with all types of cars, trucks, and SUVs and can complete your tire repair while you wait.

Wheel Balancing

Maintaining balanced wheels is important to get the most use out of your tires and wheels. This involves monitoring the tire pressure and ensuring the wheels are straight. Our technicians will check the pressure, add or let out air as needed, straight your wheels and tighten loose bolts. We’ll make sure your ride is safe and smooth.

Tire Rotation

car tires autoAlso important for even tire wear, tire rotation should be done on a regular basis. It is recommended to change them ever 5-8,000 miles. Southwest Tires will put your tire up on a lift, remove each tire, switch their positions, and re-secure them. This process can be done usually within an hour.


Southwest Tires provides full brake service with a low cost for labor. We can replace brake pads, lines, or rotors, refill brake fluid, fix leaks, and provide repairs for one part or your entire brake system. We can also upgrade your current pads and rotors to a higher quality, more durable product if needed.

Oil Changes

Oil changes should be done at least once every 3,000 miles. We provide quick, easy, and affordable oil changes, using synthetic or natural motor oil depending on the type of vehicle. We also change your oil filter with every oil changes. Our experienced technicians can get the entire service done in as little as 15 minutes.

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